Location, Location, Location – June 30, 2010

Footfeed becomes the latest of three check-in aggregators that allow you to check-in using multiple services at the same time [Business Insider]

Foursquare‘s even a TV star now…kind of…ish… [Mashable]

Speaking of Foursquare, the big news is we learned the amount of its new funding today, which is a cool $20 million [NY Times]

But Foursquare also introduced a new feature today – now when you receive emails about friend requests it’ll show you if you and the requesting user have any friends in common [TechCrunch]

Also, the hot gossip is that some of that $20 mil is going to make some of Foursquare’s 27 employees quite wealthy [Business Insider]

It’s Foursquare vs. Yelp in a battle of who can do the other’s feature(s) better…or something like that… [ClickZ]

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Location, Location, Location – June 29, 2010

Gowalla‘s Top 10 check-in locations…and Times Square was the only NYC “venue” to make the list (barely, at #9!) [Mashable]

New location-based service of the day = Geodelic (which claims to eliminate the need for searching keywords and changing between apps…whatever that means) [paidcontent.org]

Yelp to begin providing check-ins as part of the metrics it reports to businesses [Mashable]

“5 Cool Non-Profit Uses for Location Technology”…how else did you want me to put that out there? [Mashable]

Foursquare, flush with funds again! Sidenote – hard to believe Foursquare was still only a 5-man operation as of this past January! [WSJ]

Which segues nicely into this video tour of Foursquare’s offices [TechCrunch]

The “dark side” of location-tracking services [PC World]

Could Twitter Places really take geolocation to the mainstream? [Mashable]

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Location, Location, Location – June 8, 2010

Stanford using Loopt Star at this year’s commencement [Stanford University News]

Foursquare has doubled its check-ins in the last month [San Francisco Chronicle]

“Guidelines” on how to “not look like a dweeb” on Foursquare or Gowalla (or any other such service, I’d imagine)…though, we might be fighting a losing battle there… [Miami Herald]

Flook is some kind of location-based app that honestly perplexes me… [TechCrunch]

Yelp for iPhone – now with badges and “royalty status?” [Mashable]

CauseWorld – a location-based app for the philanthropist [CNET]

UsersLike.me – a cool new Gowalla app that shows you who else checks into where you frequently check in [KillerStartups]

Wal-Mart integrating Foursquare into stores somehow…I’d tell you, but I actually don’t know because this thing’s behind a paywall [Financial Times]

Elsewhere, Bravo and Sephora are teaming up on Foursquare for a promotion centered around Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey [Media Bistro]

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