Location, Location, Location – September 2, 2010

WhereMark is a new location-based type service that allows you to share Google Maps “bookmarks” with your Facebook friends…but it sounds like the service is about as well-constructed as the company’s pitch [TechCrunch]

Hey, guess what? This year’s US Open has an iPhone app! And one of its features (along with a slick augmented reality feature) is the ability to check-in on Foursquare…which of course you could just do using the Foursquare app, but there’s a lot more to the US Open app that makes it potentially worth nabbing [Mashable]

On the new services front, Place Pop has announced a Facebook Places dashboard that you can use to discover what locations are “trending” among your friends using Places, and a complete list of where they have all most recently checked-in. IE – it sounds like using the Foursquare iPhone app [TechCrunch]

Elsewhere on Facebook Places, MeetMoi became the first location-based dating app to integrate with Places (sidenote – I could’ve easily made the “love at first sight” joke here, but it would’ve been too easy) [Mashable]

Oh, and if you were interested to know what Foursquare’s OTHER founder thinks about Facebook Places, surprise surprise his opinion is in line with his buddy Dennis Crowley‘s – he says it’s “boring” [PC Mag]

Some interesting accolades for Foursquare – the World Economic Forum has listed the location-based service among its “top international innovators”… [WSJ]

So, in case you were wondering how Virgin America‘s Loopt/taco truck promotion went yesterday – it sounds like it was a resounding success, leading to the airlines fifth biggest revenue day EVER, and 80% of those who checked-in via Loopt Star have already booked tickets to Cabo/Cancun! [TechCrunch]

AOL getting into the location-based service craze? The company just may be as it bought the company Rally Up, which makes two location-based apps – Rally Up and FacePlant [eWeek]

And finally – Not entirely location-based related, but Google now will allow businesses to advertise in Google Maps via custom icons for their businesses that would replace the generic-looking ones…it’s only in beta to a select group of larger chain businesses, but if all goes well, it could be available to any business soon [paidcontent.org]

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