Location, Location, Location – March 28, 2011

So far, the photo-sharing app Instagram may have taken hold of users attentions, but it hadn’t really formed any kind of partnerships of any kind. But now, Instagram is integrated with the location-based service, Topguest, which attempts to unify loyalty points for various venues (hotels, airlines, etc.) on one platform. From now on, Topguest users can earn loyalty points for sharing their Instagram masterpieces, provided they link their Instagram and Topguest accounts and geotag the venue from which the picture was taken/uploaded… [TechCrunch]

And speaking of location-based innovation – Loopt is apparently looking to integrate some type of Groupon-like deal system in the next month, which is the latest of its additions that also include automatic check-ins and Facebook Places integration… [Mashable]

Like we mentioned last week, Foursquare has continued to expand globally with its first Indonesian badge. But elsewhere in Foursquare’s global expansion – the company is apparently planning to open a London office at some point in the next year… [TheNextWeb]

Not only that, but apparently India’s largest airline, Jet Airways, is now one of the first non-US brands on Foursquare. Users can follow the airline for tips and deals at relevant venues like airport bars, restaurants or airports themselves, even. Apparently there may be a badge of some type at some point as well… [Business Standard]

Finally, over the weekend it seems we missed a new Foursquare badge. Apparently the US Men’s National Soccer team offered a Foursquare badge to users who checked into its match against Argentina at New Jersey’s Meadowlands stadium on Saturday… [About Foursquare]

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Location, Location, Location – December 14, 2010

Yesterday we mentioned that Google was finally releasing its location-based service – Latitude – as a stand alone iPhone app. Well, later on yesterday, we learned that according to Google, Latitude has NINE million users… [TechCrunch]

But then, someone had to ask – if there are supposedly nine million active users…where are they? [TechCrunch]

As for the actual Latitude experience – according to Robert Scoble, it could be better – IE, it “breaks”… [Business Insider]

And speaking of Google and location – what exactly are these new “Experimental Location” features in the latest edition of the Chrome browser… [TechCrunch]

Now this is cool (or maybe I’m the only one who thinks that, but still) – two Brooklynites have somehow rigged their apartment door to only unlock when someone checks in to it on Foursquare…they plan to put this technological wizardry to work this December 31 for their News Year’s Eve bash [Mashable]

If you’re a website owner whose site was built with Squarespace, and you want to integrate a stream of check-ins, just as you could tweets, this piece of news is for you… [About Foursquare]

Foursquare vs. Facebook Places – been there, read that…but one thing this article does reiterate is that Foursquare is hard at work on a recommendation engine, to emphasize the post check-in experience [BrandWeek]

And in case you’re wondering who’s leading the charge on that effort, it’s a former Bear Stearns VP… [Business Insider]

But Foursquare isn’t the only location-based service that understands the need for a better value proposition for potential users – Gowalla CEO Josh Williams recently told Huffington Post that it’s going to take a lot more than location-based deals to carry location-based services to the mainstream [Huffington Post]

And finally, Topguest has a new big brand partner to enjoy – Avis. The car rental company plans to use Topguest to reward users who check-in to Avis locations via Foursquare and/or Facebook Places with deals and offers, but even beyond that, it is looking to use Topguest as a loyalty program for Avis customers [Silicon.com]

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Location, Location, Location – November 19, 2010

Today in location-based rewards, as part of its holiday push, JC Penney will be offering users who check-in at any JC Penney using Foursquare, Facebook Places or Brightkite basically a coupon good for $10 off any purchase of $50 or more [Press Release]

Here’s an interesting promo, and actually just kind of an altogether interesting situation – Loopt has 10 iPod Touches that it will be giving away to users who check-in to an airport next Wednesday, mention something about being patted down, and share their check-in on Twitter with the hashtag, “#touchedbyTSA.” It’s in honor of National Opt-Out Day, which is about encouraging users to opt-out of a body scan, in favor of a more traditional pat down [Loopt Blog]

The other day, we mentioned a major new Shopkick partnership with Target. Well, now it’s not only iPhone users who get to enjoy the benefits of mobile coupons, as Shopkick announced yesterday that it has released an Android version of its app [TechCrunch]

The latest Foursquare badge is unfortunately only limited to attendees of TWTRCON San Fran – the west coast version of the conference held here last June [About Foursquare]

Earlier this week, we mentioned how Wingate by Wyndham was offering users Wyndham reward points for through TopGuest for checking in at Wingate by Wyndham hotels. Well, it looks like they’re not the only ones offering a reward through TopGuest. Hilton is offering users who check-in to Doubletree Hotels using Foursquare, Facebook Places or Gowalla rewards like a 25% off coupon good for a bed and breakfast package at Doubletree Hotels [USA Today]

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Location, Location, Location – November 17, 2010

Shopkick Рwho, parenthetically, just released an new updated version of its app recently Рhas now added Target to its partner list. Users can now unlock virtual coupons and earn Kickbucks towards Target gift cards just by walking into a participating Target location, no checking in necessary [Press Release]

Perhaps you’ve had a hard time keeping track of all the Foursquare badges you’ve unlocked as well as maybe some you haven’t. If so, you’ll be happy to know that yesterday Foursquare announced a new “Trophy Case” to help you do just that… [Mashable]

But that’s not all that was new for Foursquare yesterday…users now also have a handful of new partner badges ripe for the taking, including an American Red Cross badge for blood donors, and a MoMA Art Addict badge for museum patrons [About Foursquare]

However, maybe the most significant Foursquare announcement yesterday was the addition of a form for would-be partners who want to offer a branded badge, which should hopefully make doing so quicker and easier for brands [Foursquare Blog]

Today in social media trying to do some good for society – makers of the navigation app Waze have pledged to donate $1 for each of the first 2000 Foursquare check-ins at select Feeding America foodbanks this Thanksgiving to try and raise awareness for all of the Americans who need food [TheNextWeb]

And while we’re on the subject of philanthropic/charity-driven uses of location-based services, here’s a post highlighting a number of efforts similar to what Waze is doing with Foursquare… [Mashable]

Yesterday, we mentioned that Topguest members who check-in to Virgin America flights could get frequent flyer miles. Today, Wingate by Wyndham hotels is offering Topguest members who check-in at Wingate hotels 50 Wyndham reward points [Press Release]

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Location, Location, Location – November 16, 2010

Probably the first light day we’ve had for location coverage in quite a while…

First, we’ve mentioned a couple of times that one thing Foursquare and other location-based services are trying to do is provide recommendation engines for finding new places. Well, Google has beat them to the punch… Yesterday, Google announced Hotpot, which provides recommendations on places Google thinks you’ll love based on your ratings of places you have been as well as places your friends have rated and shared… [Google LatLong Blog]

And second, Topguest is launching version “2.0″ of its “perks platform,” and one of its newest partners is Virgin America (airlines), who is offering customers that check-in on Foursquare or Facebook Places frequent flyer miles [Mashable]

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Location, Location, Location – October 13, 2010

Still not sure how June to October constitutes “two months,” but nevertheless, Topguest‘s user base is now 100,000 strong [USA Today]

Yesterday, we mentioned that Whrrl finally offered its app to the Android ranks. Today (well, technically tomorrow), it’s announcing its recommendations feature, which will recommend venues to users based on their past check-ins…something Foursquare has talked about and tested internally, but not rolled out to users (that I know of) [USA Today]

Big changes for Google – yesterday it promoted search maven Marissa Mayer to head up its Location/Local team…which of course she has seemed to have been prepping for by using Foursquare [TechCrunch]

Dennis Crowley on some things to come in the location-based social space – businesses offering rewards to users who promote their establishments/products and the ability to link users’ credit cards to their favorite social networks… [Daily Finance]

And speaking of tying users’ credit cards to social networks, Pinpoint is a new service that helps prevent credit card fraud by matching the location where a credit card is used with the location of its owner’s cell phone [ReadWriteWeb]

Finally, WaPo’s Rob Pegoraro grills Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley about his service… [Washington Post]

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Location, Location, Location – June 10, 2010

The latest location-based service = Topguest – a service that works with Foursquare, etc. to give you loyalty points for checking in to Hotels, Airports, and other travel related venues [TechCrunch]

Not necessarily a location-based service, per se, but Google Street View now allows you to tag photos to a location and view photos others have tagged to locations [Mashable]

How’s this for an interesting viewpoint on location-based services? [The Economist]

Bravo now teaming with Sephora on Foursquare? [Mashable]

In case you’re wondering what Twitter founder Biz Stone thinks about Foursquare and other check-in apps [Fast Company]

“Is it lame to be mayor of your apartment?” [Brick Underground]

Probably a lot less lame than being the “Duke” of your local Starbucks, right? I’m looking at you, Yelp [TechCrunch]

What’s not lame, however, is Starbucks’ use of social media, including Foursquare [TechFlash]

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