Mobile Brief – October 11, 2011

The iPhone 4S. When announced a long deep reverberating sigh was released by disappointed Apple fans across the web.  After all it only seems to offer a better camera, voice control functionality that you probably won’t use much, and pick up in battery life. Big woop right? Hold the Phone! The iPhone 4S may not be as big a disappoint as some of you disgruntled  fans might think.  As we now know, that “S” stands for Speed and it seems that Apple has delivered on that promise. Benchmark tests done by bloggers, have shown that the only mobile device that the iPhone 4S loses to in speed is the Ipad 2, and trust me that’s saying something.


What’s next for Google’s Android handsets? Ice Cream Sandwich! No, not the delicious frozen treat my friends but the newly designed phone OS Google is hoping will bring the wonder of an android tablet to your mobile phone. Screens of its digital creamy  goodness have been leaked to TC and according to them , the Vanilla inspired OS is “tron-tastic.” The proof is in the pudding (so to speak).


With the release of the refreshing WP7 and screens of a promising new take on the desktop/tablet OS (Windows 8), Microsoft has been taking steady strides in remaining competitive within the tech industry. So this next step should come as no surprise, Microsoft has taken big strides in its plans to enter the daily deals market. Partnering with the “white-label group buying platform service provider” Tippr, Microsoft is apparently testing the service right now as the next addition to its Bing decision engine.

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