Just Another Brick in the Paywall – May 5, 2011

The UK’s Telegraph newspaper just released the second version of its iPad app today, with this updated version requiring users to subscribe in order to read the content contained within (its predecessor had been free). Subscriptions run £1.19 each or £9.99 per month, which means that a digital iPad edition actually costs more than its print counterpart (which runs £1 flat), though print subscribers can get access to the iPad edition for free… [paidcontent.org]

But the Telegraph isn’t the only publication to go iPad with digital subscriptions through Apple. Back here in the states, Hearst just announced that it will release iPad editions of three of its titles – Esquire, Popular Mechanics, and O – this coming July, with subscriptions going for $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year… [WSJ]

So, apparently while print subscriptions have declined for the recently paywalled New York Times and the long-paywalled Wall Street Journal, circulation was actually up overall for the Journal, but the Times…not so much… [AdAge]

While we’re on the subject of losses – apparently News Corp., while gaining 800,000 downloads (it still will not disclose actual subscribers numbers) of its exclusively iPad publication, The Daily, also lost about $10 million on the publication in the first quarter…but obviously you’ve gotta spend money to make it, so not sure what to make of this at this point… [Business Insider]

Finally, as we well know, The Daily isn’t the only publication with a “paywall” to avoid speaking about subscriber numbers. The Times itself has refused (and probably rightfully so given the short time its paywall has been in place) to divulge the aforementioned numbers. But what it has said is that the 300,000 subs estimate is “inaccurate”… [paidcontent.org]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – February 24, 2011

Back last year, one of the most significant events in paywall news was the UK’s The Times/Sunday Times going behind a paywall. Well, those papers are going to have some more company come September, when The Telegraph puts up a paywall of its own… [TheNextWeb]

News Corp.’s much discussed iPad newspaper, The Daily, has been available for free trial for the better part of February. And just when you think that’s about to end, News Corp. extends the deadline, continuing to offer it for free for at least a little while longer… [paidcontent.org]

Elsewhere in The Daily news – News Corp. has apparently decided to expand its digital newspaper beyond just the iPad, and will be offering it for Android tablets at some point in the next few months… [All Things D]

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