Just Another Brick in the Paywall – January 25, 2011

We know News Corp. is salivating to roll its upcoming iPad-only publication The Daily out to users, but in the meantime, News Corp. Chairman and CEO James Murdoch can give us plenty of details about the publications ins and outs, which he did at DLD11 yesterday [TechCrunch]

And speaking of James Murdoch, The Daily wasn’t the only publication he discussed with respect to paid content – he also indicated that another News Corp. UK Daily, The Sun, will have a “strong paid component”… [paidcontent.org]

More details on the New York Times paywall – in addition to yesterday’s news that subscriptions will likely cost less than $20 a month, apparently it will also be a tiered paywall system, so lighter content consumers will presumably pay less than heavier ones… [WSJ]

While Apple has been working to implement subscription models for news content apps, OnGo is another news delivery service that was apparently started by the parent companies of the New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today that offers news for a price, but offers it ad free… [Mashable]

And finally, how about a little about Apple’s move to become purveyor of subscription mobile news delivery… [Monday Note]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – January 17, 2011

Many publications have joined them over the last year or so, but the Financial Times has been a long time purveyor of the paywall approach to offering content. And while it may not go as swimmingly for others, FT saw a 71% increase in paid DIGITAL subscriptions in 2010… [paidcontent.org]

Last week, we noted that News Corp.’s forthcoming iPad newspaper The Daily’s release has been delayed a few weeks, but if you’re interested in learning more about the publication – here’s a discussion of how it may be using social media to promote its content [Mashable]

And speaking of iPad publications – almost all publications that guard their content with paywalls still allow print subscribers free access to their digital universe, but don’t expect that to happen when those publications come to the iPad/iPhone…apparently Apple has said it’s either subscriptions for all, or nothing… [Apple Insider]

But maybe that won’t be the best strategy for Apple, considering they’re not the only ones who are going to be offering a “digital newsstand.” They’ll be joined by Next Issue Media who announced its planned digital newsstand last Friday [paidcontent.org]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – January 11, 2011

The Financial Times has long been a torch bearer for paid content, so it’s not surprising that it’s latest blog is also set behind a paywall – even if it is a “blog” as opposed to “traditional media”… [Reuters]

As we recently noted, the Dallas Morning News’ head [somewhat] officially declared that the paper was going to go all paid, but that doesn’t mean he expects everyone to like it. In fact, it seems like he’s bracing for everyone (or most people, anyway) to hate it… [Poynter]

And finally, we’ve been talking about Rupert Murdoch and News Corp.’s digital only daily, cleverly titled, “The Daily” for over a month now…well, we might finally get to see the new publication when News Corp. unveils it in conjunction with Apple tentatively next Wednesday, January 19… [The Cutline]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – December 20, 2010

Recently, we mentioned a Nieman Journalism Lab roundtable on the New York Times‘ forthcoming paywall, in which many of the participants opined that the paywall wouldn’t even last through its first year. In a similar vein – given technological capabilities that might allow someone to go around any eventual paywall, the Times may have to rely on people’s sense of loyalty more so than anything else in getting readers to pay for its content [NY Mag]

And speaking of paid content debuting early next year, News Corp.’s much discussed iPad-only pub, The Daily, is apparently set to be released upon the world next month… [All Things D]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – December 6, 2010

Georgia’s Augusta Chronicle became the latest daily to go paywall, when it did so this morning. It’s model is a little more flexible than most, however, and readers can get access to up to 100 “premium” articles before they have to subscribe… [Augusta Chronicle via paidcontent.org]

News Corp. says that while the Times‘ paywall revenue hasn’t quite met what it lost in ad revenue, it should do so soon. But News Corp.’s “digital chief” was very frank when he said the reason the Times will be able to complete it’s paywall transition is because News Corp. “can afford it”… [Bloomberg]

Meanwhile, while he wouldn’t confirm the steadfast iPad exclusive publication rumor (ie – The Daily), he said, “hypothetically speaking, it wouldn’t be this month. Q1 is the timeframe people should think about”…how coy… [Forbes]

And while the Times is paywalled, and the Guardian has at least reportedly been pondering going that way, the UK’s Daily Mail seems to be content and doing just fine with free access [NY Times]

Elsewhere in Europe, a number of French publishers are taking a slightly different paywall approach and creating a “digital kiosk” for subscribing/paying to consume content [NY Times]

Back in the States, as the NY Times is currently hammering out its own paywall plans, some have wondered whether certain sections will get a “reprieve,” particularly DealBook, it’s financial blog. The answer is – no idea… [Yahoo!]

And finally, Amazon, along with a startup Onlive, are planning to launch subscription streaming video services that would presumably compete with Netflix. But while this is newsworthy, let’s not make any comment on how/whether they will impact Netflix… [CrunchGear]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – December 3, 2010

Today in iPad publications…well, technically yesterday, I guess…Marie Claire released its own iPad app, that initially comes with access to the magazine’s last six issues (though they are basically just PDFs of their print counterparts). Subscriptions cost $10 a year, or $3.50 per issue… [Mashable]

Four reasons why Rupert Murdoch’s bet on his iPad-only newspaper, The Daily, will pay off – namely, because he knows the ad-supported model of news delivery is dead, he has the money to fail, he has a major influential personality (like him/agree with him or not), and he has Apple on board… [paidcontent.org]

And elsewhere in Murdoch-owned paywalled publishing properties – new numbers say The Times (UK) has converted 14% of its previous online readership to subscribers [Journalism.co.uk]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – December 2, 2010

In the last week or two, both News Corp. and Richard Branson have been talking about/have announced iPad-only publications. Now, broadcast media is getting into the iPad game, with BBC planning an iPad subscription service for viewers to catch up on their favorite BBC shows/news… [paidcontent.org]

And, the latest local daily to go paywall is Washington’s Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber, which as of yesterday, started restricting feature and investigative stories to subscribers only, though breaking news will remain free online [Beachcomber]

As we inch closer to 2011, and thus, the New York Times’ planned paywall, we’re finding out a little more about the Times’ thinking. As reported Tuesday, the Times decided to study Consumer Reports and Weight Watchers‘ websites, rather than paywalled news sites in nailing down its online subscription model… [Reuters]

And finally – on the positives/negatives of News Corp.’s planned iPad-only newspaper, The Daily… [NY Observer]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – November 29, 2010

Much press has been devoted to Rupert Murdoch’s planned digital-only daily newspaper aptly titled, The Daily, but tomorrow, another media mogul is apparently planning to reveal his own iPad publication (albeit a magazine). That mogul being Richard Branson… [Mashable]

And speaking of Murdoch, it’s funny how a few years ago when he bought News Corp., and the Wall Street Journal with it, many proclaimed Financial Times‘ death. Fast forward to the present and the FT has actually successfully implemented a paywall system and has become a model for modern publications [Crain's New York]

And about Murdoch’s digital iPad daily – perhaps we should all wait and see before opining whether or not it will be a ‘game changer’ for the publishing world [The Guardian]

Better yet, maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to think the iPad is even going to have any part in saving the newspaper industry… [paidcontent.org]

The value of paywalls was again debated recently at the Inland Press Association‘s annual meeting, where the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette‘s online director pointed out that his paper understands that to make a paywall successful, a publication has to offer unique content readers can’t get anywhere else for free [News and Tech]

Across the pond, where paywalls have been far more contentious, or at least more tangible, the UK high court ruled that UK newspapers can demand payment from commercial news aggregators to crawl their content [paidcontent.org]

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