Privacy Net – May 27, 2010

Whew, big day for news!

Ok, here we go…

First things first, as you may have already heard, Facebook launched three new “simpler” privacy controls (on top of its existing granular controls) yesterday [Official Facebook blog]

If you’re an aural/visual learner, here are the new controls straight from the horse’s mouth [Mashable]

Either way, it looks like they’re being well received…though, on a personal note – I’m still more worried about how they treat privacy in the future (when they haven’t been raked over the coals for three weeks prior) [PC Magazine]

Sounds like Sophos is with me (or I’m with them…whichever) [Sophos]

And what about how the new controls impact brands? [MarketingVox]

So according to this research report, “Millenials” (whatever that means) guard their privacy more vigilantly than older generations…not sure that’s entirely accurate, but hey, how accurate can you really be with a 2253 person sample size? [BusinessWeek]

In what could take quite a while, the US and the EU are working on a trans-Atlantic data privacy pact [AP]

I’m pretty sure there was already a way to opt out of Google Analytics tracking, but either way, there definitely will be soon – via a new browser plugin, apparently [eWeek]

And in other Google news, it appears it is them against the world…literally [NY Times]

Including our own country…sort of [CNET]

Here’s what will probably become a monster debate within the next year – users don’t like targeted ads, marketers aren’t about to give them up…two men enter, one man leaves [AFP]

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