Location, Location, Location – September 21, 2010

So, in case you missed it, Foursquare released the latest version of its iPhone app yesterday. The “big” changes were splitting up tips and to-dos, allowing you to add venues to your to-dos, and the ability to see tips other users have left right from the venue screen. Plus, in addition to the app, they’ve also introduced an embeddable “Add to My Foursquare” button that allows you to add any venue (from any website) to your to-dos from the web [Foursquare]

Lufthansa can now claim to be the first German brand to offer a Foursquare promotion, and in Germany no less. Foursquare users who check in “at three different ‘Wiesn’ locations during Munich’s Oktoberfest can earn a 20 Euro voucher for a future Lufthansa booking,” not to mention a badge  [ClickZ]

Stickybits is an app looking to “reposition itself” as the object-based check-in service, and the latest version of its app will allow brands to offer object check-ins in four different ways – through “coupons, group deals, location, and product combo rewards” [TechCrunch]

I’ve never heard of Kona Grill, but it’s currently running a campaign to donate to “Share Our Strength”  – a charity dedicated to ending American childrens’ hunger – during the “Great American Dine Out” (going on this week through Saturday), and it’s offering to donate $5 to the campaign for every Foursquare mayor who checks in [Press Release]

Meanwhile, remember when McDonald’s said using Foursquare increased its “foot traffic” 33% in one day…well, what they meant was that it increased the number of Foursquare check-ins by 33%…quite a difference between the two! Though, actually, it looks more like it increased its check-ins by 60% in that one day, not just 33% [ClickZ]

In other partnerships – SCVNGR is working with “Groupon clone” BuyWithMe, allowing BuyWithMe affiliated businesses to offer users challenges to complete and earn even more rewards (beyond just their BuyWithMe group buying deal) [TechCrunch]

Locationary is an interesting idea, if I understand it correctly – it’s a web database of the location information from all different location-based services that encourages users to update any outdated or incorrect information. It even offers rewards for users who do so [GigaOm]

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