Location, Location, Location – March 10, 2011

One thing we missed yesterday was Bravo’s latest Foursquare campaign…this time to promote its upcoming show – Platinum Hit. At SXSW next week, starting on Wednesday, Foursquare users who check in to selected Austin locations (and I’m guessing who also follow Bravo on Foursquare) can get a special Platinum Hit badge… [Broadcasting & Cable]

Outside of that, here’s even another music-related Foursquare partnership (with Pepsi Max) – follow Big Boi (one half of Outkast) on Foursquare, and check in around SXSW for a chance to win a “Golden Ticket” to Big Boi’s show on March 14… [TheNextWeb]

But even bigger than that, in addition to launching the latest version of its app that contains numerous new and exciting features, Foursquare has also “revamped” its business platform so that businesses can now create and offer deals/specials right through Foursquare’s site, rather than Foursquare having to create the deal or special for them… [TechCrunch]

Another new feature of Foursquare’s new and improved v3.0 is the ability to switch between notifying your friends of your check-ins and not notifying them. Now, users are able to control this globally and change it at any time…which means you can even make your check-ins private after you have checked in… [About Foursquare]

And while we’re on a roll with Foursquare here – while the new Foursquare 3.0 is already available for iPhone and Android users, Blackberry users will have to wait for the update…but not for long, as the update is allegedly coming “this week”… [Berry Review]

But even with all of the cool things Foursquare now allows you to do, there are still many wondering if it “can find a business model”… [MediaPost]

Finally, one more partnership/badge/reward to report – to commemorate its 40th anniversary today, Starbucks is offering customers a special badge for checking in…and those who check in will also be entered to win one of 500 $40 Starbucks giftcards… [Mashable]

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Location, Location, Location – February 4, 2011

Three potential new badges for you to earn this coming Sunday in honor of the Super Bowl – check in to one of the “Trending Now” Super Bowl venues on Sunday, shout which team you’ll be rooting for and earn either the Steelers or Packers badge…also, if you’re lucky enough to be in Dallas, checking in at the stadium will give you the Super Bowl XLV badge… [About Foursquare]

And those venues in the “Trending Now” section will apparently be virtual venues. Also interesting is just the idea that Foursquare is basically “promoting” venues like Twitter has promoted tweets and Google has paid search… [Business Insider]

While we’re mentioning new badges, here’s another – the Starbucks “Coffee Fashionably” badge, released specifically for Fashion Week (though it’s already unlockable). All you have to do to get the badge (which also will get you a free Frappucino and enter you into a contest to win invites to Fashion Week events) is check in at three “scene-y” venues around NYC at which Starbucks has left tips… [Racked]

Recently we saw a research study that said people really aren’t that interested in the notion of social TV, but if GetGlue’s latest reported stats are any indication, that study might just be a bit off the mark. Apparently GetGlue is now seeing 12 million check-ins and ratings, which is 10 times the number they were seeing this time last year… [Mashable]

The location-based service Geomium has now partnered with Last.fm to bring its users more gigs and festival event listings, as well as bring itself another potential 1.5 million users [TheNextWeb]

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Location, Location, Location – January 4, 2011

With the behemoth that is CES going on this week, we anticipate plenty of digital news. But first, about that CES foursquare badge (which you can get by checking in to five CES venues) – it may get you more than you think… [About Foursquare]

Last week when we mentioned SCVNGR’s partnership with American Eagle for New Years, we noted how there has been less buzz around the check-in service than in months past. Well, that all may change now that it has secured $15 million in funding! [Mashable]

Looking at Foursquare check-in data for the last week, Starbucks is the one brand that rules them all, as it saw 147,000 check-ins. Coming in almost a full 100,000 behind it is McDonald’s, followed by Target, Wal-Mart and Apple to round out the top 5… [AdAge]

A prediction for 2011 (which sounds slightly ambitious to me) – background or automatic location updating (basically having a service automatically check you in when you’re at a certain location) will overtake manual check-ins [Fierce Mobile Content]

Finally, this may be one of the most comprehensive overviews of location-based marketing and location-based services in general that I’ve seen yet [Mashable]

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Location, Location, Location – October 21, 2010

Part of Starbucks new digital “network” is the ability to check into the particular Starbucks where you currently are on Foursquare right from the landing page that shows up when you connect to the network and fire up your browser [Press Release]

The University of Wisconsin – Madison has become the latest university to hop on Foursquare… [UW-Madison]

Marissa Mayer – who you’ll remember was recently promoted to head up Google’s location efforts – fires up Foursquare and chats with Dennis Crowley at Fortune’s “40 under 40″ party [Business Insider]

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Location, Location, Location – August 18, 2010

Well, today’s the day. Prepare yourself for a Facebook location firestorm, as it is widely expected that Facebook will reveal its location feature/product at the grand announcement it has planned for today. In anticipation, here are five “things to watch for” – 1) Whether or not Facebook’s location feature will interface with 3rd party location-based services like Foursquare, Gowalla and MyTown, 2) Whether or not its location feature will be hooked into “Platform” allowing other Facebook products like Farmville, etc. to work with it, 3) Privacy – I don’t think I have to explain anything about using the words Facebook and Privacy in the same thought, 4) Will Facebook’s location feature offer deals like users can get via Foursquare, Gowalla, etc.?, 5) Will its location feature include a review/tip ability like Foursquare, Google‘s Latitude, Yelp and others… [Reuters]

Also, Facebook could use its feature location to push coupons and promotions to (the 100 million plus) users of its mobile Facebook app whenever they are in a relevant venue, and the location feature would likely be opt-in in the hopes that Facebook could avoid a renewed privacy outcry. [BusinessWeek]

Either way, in advance of Facebook’s announcement, Foursquare has announced its new privacy settings (perhaps a daft PR move, if nothing else, since Privacy will obviously be a concern for Facebook). Foursquare users can now change their settings to hide their email address, phone number, Facebook profile and Twitter account, as well as opt out of being listed under “Who’s Here,” Mayorships, being included in friends status updates when they’re both at the same venue, and letting businesses know when they are “loyal customers.” [Mashable]

And it’s possible that Facebook’s location feature will compete more with Google and Yelp than it will with Foursquare. It’s possible that it might just be a way to check in to businesses (as well as tv shows, websites, etc.) via their Facebook pages, and possibly even share those check-ins with other services like Foursquare if the user was checking in to a business. Also, there may not be any “game” element to Facebook’s feature, as that likely will seem a little silly to them. [Business Insider]

At least as far as MyTown goes, apparently users check-in to fast food restaurants more often than any other venues. Data reveals that Subway, McDonald’s, Starbucks and Burger King reign supreme as far as unique check-ins go, with Subway seeing 6.4 million check-ins from more than 500,000 users since last December. Four other restaurants (Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Wendy’s) join these four in the top 10, joined by only CVS and Walgreens as the non-restaurant top 10 venues. And having those four “fast food(beverage) joints” at the top of the list makes sense for a couple of reasons. One, they’re everywhere – I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that you can’t go two blocks in Manhattan without running into at least one Starbucks. The same goes for all three other chains listed. Two, I’m willing to bet that they’re frequented more by younger, more likely to be digital enthusiast users. [AdAge]

And speaking of MyTown, the service is up to 3.1 million users, or just under half a million more than media darling Foursquare. It is averaging about 67 million check-ins a month and recently logged 350,000 check-ins in one week. Plus, not long ago it gave users the ability to “scan” real world products via their bar codes (they call this a “Product Check-in”) in order to get points towards promotions from advertisers (presumably retailers and manufacturers). IE – it’s doing just fine, thanks. [TechCrunch]

Zagat announced a new Zagat To Go app yesterday, one feature of which is the ability to check in to Zagat rated venues (via Foursquare) right from the app. As you’ll remember, Zagat is currently the #1 followed brand on Foursquare (somehow), and offers at least one badge for checking in to a certain number of Zagat rated venues. Other features of the Zagat To Go app are “foodspotting” photos – so users can see what dishes look like at different venues before choosing their dining destination and a personal “dining journal” where users can keep a log of the Zagat-rated restaurants they’ve visited by hitting the “been here” button for that venue. [Press Release]

Universal Music has announced a partnership with Loopt to give users free music downloads whenever they check in to participating bars. Loopt will have a directory of which bars participate on its site, and the free downloadable tracks will “refresh” every Tuesday – so it won’t be the same stuff every time you check in to a one of the participating bars. Pretty neat and unique promotion, one that distinguishes Loopt from Foursquare. So if you love music, maybe get on Loopt Star and see if you can’t get yourself some free jams… [Billboard]

Yesterday, ESPN unveiled its check-in app, Passport. The app is available for iPhone/iPad/iPod, and allows users to check in to sports events and venues, and share that information with Twitter and Facebook, just like they can on Foursquare. Which, kind of makes you wonder…why would anyone bother to use this app when everyone already checks in to sporting events on Foursquare, and Foursquare is already pushing three million users…seems like it might have been an ill-advised investment to me, and I’m a huge sports fan. I’m willing to bet it would have been better off striking a deal with Foursquare or Gowalla or another location-based service to have some specific promotions/features/badges exclusive to ESPN that might have been more successful for it. Either way, Passport is now available in the app store, so yeah. [Media Bistro]

Something random, yet potentially exciting in the world of geolocation – Apple apparently began testing “location-aware” iPhone prototypes, hinting at what could be one big feature of the iPhone 5, whenever that hits. Location-aware iPhones could mean a lot to businesses, who could offer basically advertisements through iAds to users whenever the user is in a store where a particular business’ product is located. [TechCrunch]

And finally, another random piece of information – apparently at least 17 different US departments and a dozen federal agencies are on Foursquare. It seems people visiting the various departments and agencies are also leaving tips, including when the Treasury Department’s cafeteria serves fresh cookies, that the USDA’s kettle corn is a solid snack, and that the Veterans Affairs Department is chilly, so bring a sweater. So far, apparently the most popular venue is the Labor Department, followed by the State Department, Energy Department, and the USDA. Also on the list are the Justice Department, Interior Department (whose penthouse is even listed as a separate venue), and the Health and Human Services Department. [Federal Computer Week]

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Location, Location, Location – June 10, 2010

The latest location-based service = Topguest – a service that works with Foursquare, etc. to give you loyalty points for checking in to Hotels, Airports, and other travel related venues [TechCrunch]

Not necessarily a location-based service, per se, but Google Street View now allows you to tag photos to a location and view photos others have tagged to locations [Mashable]

How’s this for an interesting viewpoint on location-based services? [The Economist]

Bravo now teaming with Sephora on Foursquare? [Mashable]

In case you’re wondering what Twitter founder Biz Stone thinks about Foursquare and other check-in apps [Fast Company]

“Is it lame to be mayor of your apartment?” [Brick Underground]

Probably a lot less lame than being the “Duke” of your local Starbucks, right? I’m looking at you, Yelp [TechCrunch]

What’s not lame, however, is Starbucks’ use of social media, including Foursquare [TechFlash]

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Location, Location, Location – June 9, 2010

Really, a quiet 24 hours for geolocation…perhaps the quietest in months!

The latest from Foursquare – World Cup and Internet Week badges as well as rewards…? [VentureBeat]

More on that from Mashable [Mashable]

Speaking of Mashable and Foursquare… [Mashable]

Starbucks employees taking all the fun out of getting free coffee as the Mayor of a Starbucks on Foursquare? [Consumerist]

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Location, Location, Location – May 18, 2010

Well, look who’s using Foursquare today – The Sacramento Kings…literally today, though…so if you’re in Sacramento, make sure you click this link NOW! You know, or whatever… [Sacramento Business Journal]

The makers of MyTown just got another $20 mil in support [PaidContent.org]

VC firm managing partner [playfully] demands Foursquare get its act together or sell to Facebook [Business Insider]

If you’re the mayor of a Starbucks on Foursquare, enjoy your $1 off frappucino! [Mashable]

If you’re thinking Facebook’s new location-sharing feature will be a Foursquare/Gowalla/whoever else killer, think again [Business Insider]

Some guy who I should probably know about says don’t outsource location-based services to Foursquare…it’s cool for content, though [PoynterOnline]

NBC‘s new “FanIt” social program has a Foursquare element to it [Mashable]

And that’s in addition to its partnership with NBC’s the Today Show…I think? [TechCrunch]

Seven ways journalists can use Foursquare…perfectly descriptive post title, so why try and get cute with it, right? [Mashable]

Foursquare now averaging 600,000 check-ins a day…meaning it’s doubled in usage over the past two months. Neat. [Business Insider]

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