Privacy Net – July 2, 2010

I’ve seen this in a couple of different places over the past couple of days and haven’t posted it for whatever reason…but hey, it’s Friday and [hopefully] most of you are off on some exciting and exotic vacation for July 4th weekend, so why not – A UK woman is up in arms over a Google Street View picture of her son in his birthday suit [CNET]

Which provides a semi-good segue into this link, wherein a number of privacy groups are hoping to expand the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act‘s scope [Broadcasting and Cable]

In case you aren’t already sick of reading about the Foursquare privacy hole… [Fast Company]

And here’s some more on that Spokeo chicanery [Network World]

How do you like this – woman takes her iPhone in to Apple for an upgrade to iOS4, gets back a phone full of someone else’s pictures and data! GENIUS Bar, indeed… [CNET]

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Privacy Net – July 1, 2010

Now, Facebook applications will have to ask your permission before accessing data you’ve designated private…why they didn’t have to do that before is a mystery to all of us [PC World]

So, about that Foursquare privacy hole – apparently the hacker who exposed it was able to “harvest” 70% of all of San Francisco‘s check-ins over the last few weeks…but, oh, it’s fixed now [TechCrunch]

We may or may not have mentioned this survey here before (seems like everyday there’s a new survey about privacy, doesn’t it?), but it seems America’s youth doesn’t care about privacy…you know, because we needed a survey to tell us that… [Blogger News Network]

The Center for Democracy and Technology has filed a privacy complaint against [PC World]

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Privacy Net – June 9, 2010

Spokeo – like an internet white pages…only with ALL  publicly available data [on the internet] about you [LA Times]

HP General Counsel says the Tech industry needs to focus more on privacy and come up with some standards…sounds great…also sounds like a great opportunity to get HP’s name in print [PC World]

Perhaps he means something like this — Look for a “Social Network Users’ Bill of Rights” to come out of next week’s “Computers, Freedom and Privacy” summit in San Jose [San Francisco Chronicle]

And of course, with the privacy fracas in front of mind for everyone right now, Microsoft is running new ads touting IE 8′s privacy protections… [TechCrunch]

New Zealand joins the chorus of countries probing Google as a result of its “accidental” Street View data collection [WSJ]

Meanwhile, one former American prosecutor says what Google did was “likely illegal” [Gizmodo]

As governments get tougher on the web, will that mean we have to give up some of the privacy we’ve come to know and love live with? [NPR]

Finally, will David Kirkpatrick’s new book – The Facebook Effect – divert some attention away from Facebook’s privacy embarrassment? I’m gonna go ahead and throw my opinion out there…no. [Computerworld]

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