Location, Location, Location – April 18, 2011

Well, as you should all remember, this past Saturday was Foursquare Day. So, hopefully you checked in and got your official Foursquare Day badge. And chances are you did, since apparently Foursquare saw the most check-ins of any day in its short history on Saturday – over 3 million, to be semi-exact… [TheNextWeb]

And while we’re on the subject, an operator of shopping centers, Madison Marquette, apparently was offering an interesting deal on Foursquare Day. Every user who checked into a location at one of its shopping centers was entered for a chance to win a $1,000 American Express gift card (not to mention a trip to NY for next year’s Foursquare Day)…and that’s why I’m sorry I didn’t see this post until yesterday… [About Foursquare]

I’m still not entirely sure I’m completely understanding how it works, but DailyFeats is apparently now offering users rewards for checking in to philanthropic (or just good for the user) activities, which actually directly earns them “Feats” or points toward coupons, discounts and other rewards… [Mashable]

For our friends in advertising, here’s a pretty cool location-based solution for you to consider – ThinkNear is a new NYC startup that gives brands the ability to offer users advertising based on their location. So, if you want to offer users a coupon or some other type of incentive, ThinkNear can help you deliver that to users who are close to your business in proximity… [TechCrunch]

And speaking of the type of technology that can recognize when a user is at or near a certain location, Google has been testing NFC check-ins in Portland for a little while now, but has recently expanded the experiment to a handful of other US cities. Basically, the way NFC works is that instead of choosing the venue yourself from a list in Foursquare or on Facebook Places, you just swipe your phone by the RFID enabled stickers advertising a business on Google and it automatically checks you in and gives you access to any relevant discounts/deals… [Engadget]

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