Just Another Brick in the Paywall – December 20, 2010

Recently, we mentioned a Nieman Journalism Lab roundtable on the New York Times‘ forthcoming paywall, in which many of the participants opined that the paywall wouldn’t even last through its first year. In a similar vein – given technological capabilities that might allow someone to go around any eventual paywall, the Times may have to rely on people’s sense of loyalty more so than anything else in getting readers to pay for its content [NY Mag]

And speaking of paid content debuting early next year, News Corp.’s much discussed iPad-only pub, The Daily, is apparently set to be released upon the world next month… [All Things D]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – November 9, 2010

Presumably in a push to persuade publishers to develop Kindle apps over iPad apps, Amazon is offering publishers 70% (as opposed to the 30% it previously offered) of royalties off of content sold via the Kindle Store [NY Times]

And speaking of iPad apps (which I at least just mentioned), the Washington Post just released its own app, which will be downloadable for free until February [Gizmodo]

And finally, we haven’t talked about The Times for at least a day, so I suppose we were due – Clay Shirky posits that by throwing up a paywall around what previously was mass-consumed content, The Times has fundamentally transformed itself from a periodical to a newsletter [Clay Shirky]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – October 11, 2010

The Washington Post’s managing editor says the paper is “not ruling out” a paid content model… [Journalism.co.uk]

Here’s an aggregate summary of a number of digital leaders thoughts/advice for publishers regarding the “future of journalism,” including insight from Eric Schmidt, Mark Cuban, and Craig Newmark… [paidcontent.org]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – September 3, 2010

The Columbus Dispatch joins the Dallas Morning News among this week’s local daily publications to start charging for their content online. Users will get 10 free article views per month on cdispatch.com, and after that they’ll have to pay $7.95 per month or $79.50 per year for full access [Columbus Dispatch]

Well, Rupert Murdoch may claim that The Times is doing just fine online readership wise, but apparently advertiser wise, maybe not so much… [Lost Remote]

According to a UK analyst, paywall subscribers are worth but a mere 1/4 of print subscribers (the annual income per paid online subscriber vs. annunal income per paid print subscriber) [paidcontent.org]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – August 31, 2010

Looks like the Dallas Morning News is going to be the next newspaper to put its online content behind a paywall. Apparently, only staff written articles and anything on the Cowboys will be part of the paywall, and it will be up sometime in the next six months [News & Tech]

Too bad it may be too little too late – will the rise of locally-focused reporting on sites like Yahoo and the Huffington Post “doom” local newspaper paywalls? [Newsosaur]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – August 19, 2010

Well, if anyone thought Rupert Murdoch would be discouraged by the Times‘ significant drop in traffic, average site time, etc., maybe you should think again. Apparently, News Corp. just announced that it will be putting two of its other titles – News of the World and The Sun – behind paywalls by October [The Next Web]

In other News International…news…the company has hired an agency to “refresh its paywall strategy,” IE – to build a social media strategy that “helps build up a stronger relationship with internet users who may have previously been skeptical about paying for online content.” [Campaign (UK)]

Ok, see if you follow me here – apparently, by embedding Metadata into news articles (which I thought happened somewhat organically for everyone, but I guess not), publications can better track where their content gets posted on the web, which helps eliminate the need for paywalls…I suppose I see how it works, but I’m just not sure a news organization looking at putting up a paywall that isn’t a wire service would go for it. [MediaShift (PBS)]

Or, perhaps if we revisited our copyright laws, that might help prevent the unauthorized copying that the previous story is worried about…I can’t say that I disagree either. [Business Insider]

And finally, if anyone doubted the Internet’s influence on our modern culture, the word “paywall” has now been added to Oxford’s English Dictionary. [The Next Web]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – July 9, 2010

NY MAG lays out what the NY TIMES can learn from the UK Times…got that? [NY Mag]

Instead of paywalls, how about adding valuable services that make readers want to be loyal? What a novel concept! [Techdirt]

The so-called “decade of piracy” was a fun ride while it lasted, but paying for things in the digital age has pretty much become commonplace now [CrunchGear]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – May 3, 2010

Publisher Gannett‘s former Chief Digital Officer says paywalls aren’t sustainable [Business Insider]

How will Rupert Murdoch entice readers to hope over the Times‘ paywall? Apparently by offering free gifts…and yet, not free news… [Guardian (UK)]

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Just Another Brick In The Paywall – April 19, 2010

Rolling Stone becomes the latest member of the paywall regime. Readers will now have to pay $3.95/month or $29.95/year to read the latest and greatest the iconic music news source has to offer [MediaWeek]

And Japan’s largest business newspaper, Nikkei will be joining them…also, if you want to link to them, they’ll require you to file a written application…just, wow [NY Times]

The UK’s Johnston Press is tearing down the experimental paywall it erected a few months back on the several local news outlets it owns…proving only that readers won’t pay for content that they know might be free again in a few months [Guardian]

Will tablets like the iPad change the way we look at paying for editorial content? [PC World]

Analyzing Clay Shirky‘s prediction that Rupert Murdoch‘s paywall at the UK’s Times Online will fail miserably… [Wired]

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