Location, Location, Location – February 18, 2011

The Foursquare train keeps on rolling as the company adds another publishing brand to its partner repertoire…Fast Company has partnered with Foursquare to turn its “Most Innovative Companies” list into a trivia game for users. Users who following Fast Company on Foursquare and check in at two venues related to the Most Innovative Companies list will get the “Big Idea” badge, and users who check in at any related venue will get a tip about why that location is in fact related to the list… [Fast Company]

But perhaps even bigger news for Foursquare is Nokia integrating a version of its app onto all of its mid-tier S40 phones, which gives apparently millions of users access to the app without needing a smartphone… [About Foursquare]

We’ve talked about Foursuare deals and Facebook Places deals a lot, but we haven’t spent much time on Gowalla deals. Nevertheless, Gowalla users who visit Disney’s California Adventure can now earn virtual “tokens” (which they earn by checking in at California Adventure locations) that they can trade in for real coins and a free drink on weekends… [OC Register]

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Location, Location, Location – September 27, 2010

If you think Foursquare is doing big things with Universities, let me just tell you that SCVNGR has apparently recently partnered with its 350th University to offer students (and prospective students) “treks” that help them explore their campus [Mashable]

And as you’ll know if you read the Digital Breakfast with any regularity, SCVNGR has also gone after the NFL market pretty hard, but they may now have a competitor in Gowalla. Gowalla just announced 32 new stickers – one for each NFL team that fans/users can get just by checking in at their stadium of choice [TheNextWeb]

Elsewhere, in the world of Foursquare, attendees of the Blackberry Devcon conference going on this week in San Francisco can earn a new badge by checking in to four of seven venues where the conference’s events will be taking place (during specific time periods on specific days) [About Foursquare]

Facebook Places is now even more “international,” as Facebook recently rolled out the feature to our Canadian neighbors to the north… [AllFacebook]

And in case you’re interested to know some of the ways brands have been using Places for marketing – Nike recently gave out “Destroyer Burritos” (fake burritos with Nike jackets inside) at a Portland-based taco truck and a Silicon Valley mall recently offered consumers a 15% discount at its Betsy Johnson store and a chance to win Jonas Brothers tickets… [Inside Facebook]

Going beyond the check-in – how location-based services are changing the way we interact with brands and vice versa… [TechCrunch]

Foursquare gets another high profile member (beyond Snoop Dogg) – one of Google‘s most prominent faces (Marissa Mayer) apparently recently gave the location-based app a try [Business Insider]

Two of Brightkite’s founders have left the company to go start a new one that while currently wrapped in mystique, may be another location-based service of some kind called “Forkly” [TechCrunch]

Nokia officially rolled out its version of Foursquare for the Symbian OS that apparently accounts for 40% of all mobile phones worldwide… [About Foursquare]

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Location, Location, Location – September 20, 2010

Today’s Foursquare partner of the day, er, partnerS of the day are Saks Fifth Avenue and InStyle. Follow InStyle on Foursquare and when you check into the designated “hot spots” (there will be four at each store) at a participating Saks location you’ll get free style tips. Plus, if you check in at two different hot spots, you can get a free gift [About Foursquare]

And today’s location-based app of the day = Shooger – an app that helps you find coupons that you can use at local businesses right on your iPhone or Android [Mashable]

Remember Weeplaces – the app that helps you create a map of your Foursquare check-ins? Well, it now lets you do the same for your Gowalla and/or Facebook Places check-ins [Weeplaces]

So, apparently Google will be handing out “eight million” (or so) mobile devices to small businesses to help them get consumers to check in, review the business and/or even potentially pay using Google Checkout. Anything to get a piece of that location-based pie… [TechCrunch]

But if you’re a small business owner who doesn’t feel like waiting around for this alleged Google mobile device, here are some ideas on how you can use Facebook Places (in particular) right now [Mashable]

Here’s a cool promotion, unfortunately only available in the UK – Foursquare users who become mayor one of six Vodafone locations can get a Nokia N8 smartphone for free(!) There’s also a free N8 up for grabs for the “most creative” check-in [Electricpig.co.uk]

“5 Important New Trends in Location,” including – an active Hollywood crowd, using location as a feature of a more robust app, “background sharing,” peer to peer, and social activism (my characterization of that last one, not theirs) [Mashable]

Finally, it’s important to remember that while some people out there will always try and take advantage of new technology for anti-social and even dangerous purposes, we shouldn’t let that stifle the technology’s development…at least that’s the crux of this article [San Jose Mercury News]

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Location, Location, Location – September 16, 2010

HBO is jumping on board with Get Glue – the network will be using the entertainment check-in service to augment the experience of watching its newest show, Boardwalk Empire, which premiers on Sunday night. Users who check-in to the premier will get a shotglass sticker, and for each of the show’s 12 subsequent episodes, that shotglass will gradually fill up as users continue to check-in [AdWeek]

British Airways apparently used Foursquare to promote its current Face of Opportunity contest in Grand Central Terminal and Vanderbilt Hall in Manhattan yesterday and the day before. Perhaps you participated, but if you did not, the deal was – check-in at either location and get a free coffee on British Airways [Tnooz]

Yesterday we mentioned that Nokia would be unveiling an unofficial Foursquare app for a number of its Symbian devices. Apparently elsewhere it was reported that Nokia would be loading the app on all of its applicable new phones, but that report was actually erroneous [Business Insider]

Texas Tech – right in Gowalla‘s Texas backyard – is the latest university to jump on Foursquare… [Texas Tech]

Given that Marc Ecko will “discuss his mobile strategy” during his keynote at the upcoming Location-Based Marketing Summit, one has to assume the Ecko brand is about to get into using location-based services in some way [Press Release]

ArtPrize – a Grand Rapids, MI art contest – is incorporating SCVNGR into its plans this year, and users who participate in the contest’s “treks” could win one of three custom engraved iPads (plus a whole bunch of other daily prizes) [ArtPrize blog]

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Location, Location, Location – September 15, 2010

Foound takes a [somewhat] new approach to location-based services – it’s not about checking in, but about planning where you’re going and who you want to be there with you…an “Evite for the smartphone generation” [CNET]

Here’s an interesting Foursquare integration – ScreenScape offers businesses “inexpensive digital signage” to help them promote Foursquare specials, highlight their mayor statuses or “who’s here,” and just generally let customers know they’re active on Foursquare [Foursquare]

The latest check-in aggregator app = Footfeed, which allows you to check-in on Foursquare, Gowalla, Brightkite, Facebook Places, Google Latitude, and Twitter all from the same app [Press Release]

Want to use Foursquare, but you don’t have an iPhone, Android or Blackberry? Well, if you have a Nokia (Symbian) phone, you may be able to at some point in the next week… [TheNextWeb]

“6 Ways to Make Foursquare Work for your Cafe or Restaurant” [Simply Business]

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