Location, Location, Location – May 27, 2010

One of the newest Foursquare users? The Travelocity Gnome…what that means for Travelocity on Foursquare? Your guess is as good as mine [TNooz]

TechCrunch’s Eric Shoenfeld answers – who could be the next Foursquare? In other news, someone at the San Francisco Chronicle needs to learn how to spell Gowalla…isn’t that what editors are for? [San Francisco Chronicle]

“Are location-based services all hype?” Including a discussion of some of the metrics within location-based services to which we should be paying attention [Mashable]

A new Jupiter report claims that location-based services will 1) continue to grow even faster now that so many more people are using the mobile web, and 2) generate $12.4 billion in revenue by 2014 [TMCNet]

Google Latitude gets a new dashboard that shows you a history of where you’ve been (PS – there’s no checking in on Latitude, it tracks everywhere you go without you needing to do anything – aka “passive” check-ins) and a record of how many miles you’ve traveled (in terms of how far away the moon is) [TechCrunch]

During yesterday’s unveiling of Facebook‘s privacy controls, Zuckerberg also said the company isn’t sure what it’s doing with location-based services yet…which is funny considering people have reported that Facebook would be rolling these things out relatively soon…IE – I’m all confused, now… [Mashable]

PaidContent.org interviews Gowalla’s CEO and wonders what differentiates one location-sharing service over another [PaidContent.org]

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