Location, Location, Location – April 21, 2011

So, here’s an interesting new location-based application that seems to be not only location-based but also “crowdsourced.” Let me explain…so, Broadcastr allows users to essentially create their own talk radio stations, tied to their location. But it also allows other users to listen to those broadcasts based on their current location, and broadcasts will be updated as you change locations…pretty wild stuff, people…the app had previously been available on iPhone, but will now be available for Android as well… [Mashable]

And the latest from Foursquare, straight from head honcho Dennis Crowley at the Where 2.0 conference, is even more emphasis on recommendations and what users are GOING to do, vs. what they have already done. This is certainly nothing new in terms of what we’ve heard from Foursquare for a while now, and it even added the “Explore” feature recently that aims to help users discover places to go, but apparently Foursquare is working on evolving its technology to be able to provide even better ways to help drive user behavior… [TechCrunch]

Elsewhere in location-based app innovations, Loopt has added a new feature of its own similar to the idea behind Quora, namely – Q & A, but obviously around places. So, now users will be able to ask other users questions about venues where they are checked in and get responses in real time to those questions…however, right now the questions are coming from Loopt, although users can (and are encouraged to) provide answers as well as just view the answers others have given… [Mashable]

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