Location, Location, Location – May 24, 2011

Yesterday, we mentioned a new Loopt feature, or rather partnership/integration with Groupon, but that’s not the only feature the service has recently launched. A couple of weeks ago, it actually rolled its “Qs” feature out to San Francisco area Loopt users, allowing those users to ask other users questions about venues to get information before deciding where to go. Well, apparently so far its seen 14000 such “Qs” “A’d” (couldn’t help myself) in just these two weeks… [IntoMobile]

And as we also mentioned yesterday, Loopt wasn’t the only location-based service partnering with Groupon, as it appears Foursquare appears to be doing the same. But what if instead of just a deals integration, Groupon were to actually buy Foursquare…? [Mashable]

Elsewhere in Foursquare integrations, but in the opposite direction, apparently there’s a new service called Backstrok.es that will collect your Foursquare check-ins and break them out into distinct trips, so you can see where you’ve been outside of your normal stomping grounds and remember all the fun times you had while you were there… [About Foursquare]

And of course, what may actually be the biggest news of the day – apparently Foursquare will officially “power” location services on INQ’s upcoming “Facebook” phone. Which, of course, a big deal is being made about since, you know, Facebook has its own location-based play, Places, that apparently wasn’t robust enough for what the forthcoming phone needed… [PC Mag | Foursquare]

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Location, Location, Location – May 23, 2011

Well, another week, another player in the location-based game. LoSo is apparently a new location-based app that aims to help users find specials, predominantly at local restaurants and bars, and it currently does so for about 700,000 such businesses. It also surfaces the “most popular” local venues based on number of check-ins to let you know where everyone is currently enjoying themselves so you can join the fun… [TechCrunch]

Relatively big news and a big partnership for the often-forgotten location-based service Loopt. Users will now see Groupon deals on places pages in Loopt, and will get alerts about deals when they are close to the venues offering them, as well as be able to take advantage of said deals right from within the app (though it sounds like this may be limited to Chicago users right now)… [Mediapost]

But don’t expect this to be an exclusive partnership between Loopt and Groupon, as apparently the latter may also be soon announcing a partnership with Foursquare, for a similar integration catering to Foursquare users… [All Things D]

Not a whole lot new to report in this one, but while we throw out numbers on Foursquare’s user base all the time, I’m not sure we’ve ever mentioned the numbers on Foursquare’s “directory” of businesses, which would be 400,000 businesses… [Reuters]

Finally, here’s a kind of fun one for you – The Social List, brought to you by the Sunday Times, is a new web app that gives you an influence score based on your engagement with the social web, which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and of course, Foursquare… [About Foursquare]

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Location, Location, Location – April 28, 2011

Recently, we’ve seen a few applications that have gotten a lot of attention for their melding of photos with geolocation, but thus far, I can’t remember hearing about any similar apps that do the same for video. Enter SquawkMe, which is just such an innovation that allows users to share videos with “friends” that are tagged to their location. The app also lets users explore the videos being uploaded around them, based on their current location… [Press Release]

And on the opposite end of the spectrum from innovation, sort of, apparently there’s a new service called Dotgo that allows users without a smartphone to join in on the Foursquare check-in “game.” Dotgo allows users with feature phones to check in to places on Foursquare through SMS and apparently it also lets you see your friends check-ins as well as search for venues and see tips and to-dos through replying to text prompts… [About Foursquare]

Finally, I’m sure there are plenty of users out there who didn’t receive the news about Facebook Places’ new group deals with a bit of cynicism, but there is certainly a contingent that did. But, is it just another Groupon “clone,” or will it be more? [Mediapost]

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Location, Location, Location – April 27, 2011

As we recently mentioned, not just one digital giant but two have announced location-based group buying deals just in the last week or so (in case you missed it, I’m referring to Google and Facebook). And naturally, this poses a threat to players in both the location-based space and the group buying space. So, could this mean we might see an alliance between Groupon and Foursquare coming soon…? [Business Insider]

For you Tweetdeck mobile users (I gave up on that thing long ago) – the latest version released has Foursquare check-ins integrated, along with obviously tweets and Facebook updates. The Foursquare check-ins appear in light blue and you can get detailed info on a venue, just by tapping a particular Foursquare check-in in your feed… [About Foursquare]

And speaking of location-based services data showing up in new places – Google has apparently added Gowalla data (along with Quora, but obviously that’s much less relevant to location) to its realtime search… [TechCrunch]

Finally, coming back to Foursquare, and even SCVNGR – you may have heard about Amazon’s recent server overload fiasco, which impacted a number of companies that had tapped Amazon for its cloud services, choosing to host their data there, in addition to or in place of renting/buying their own server space. Well, two such companies impacted were the aforementioned Foursquare and SCVNGR… [All Things D]

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Location, Location, Location – April 20, 2011

Well, the story of the day is the “loss” of two check-in services – Buzzd and Whrrl. Buzzd has apparently decided to exit the check-in game, but remain in the location-based space with a new solution branded Local Response. Local Response is a platform that aggregates check-ins from Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places, Twitter, Instagram and others, and allows local businesses to communicate (or “respond”) directly to those users… [TechCrunch]

Whrrl, on the other hand, shall cease to be, after the company that made the app, Pelago, was recently acquired by Groupon. Pelago founder Jeff Holden will now shift focus from overseeing a check-in app, to being Groupon’s head of product development (or at least a key player on that team)… [All Things D]

But as for check-in apps still going strong – Foursquare actually recently added a new photo-sharing feature, similar to that of the recently introduced app, Color. Now, Foursquare users can see photos from their friends who they’ve checked in with, right after they’ve checked in to a venue… [Foursquare]

Finally, today in location-based marketing – Audi has apparently set up the digital billboard in Times Square as the “Audi A7 Experience,” which users can check in to on Foursquare and Facebook Places, and when they do so, their pictures and names appear on the massive digital billboard (as do the names/pictures of any Twitter users who tweet using the hash tag “#BoldDesign”)… [About Foursquare]

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Location, Location, Location – March 18, 2011

Last Friday, we mentioned SCVNGR’s new leveled rewards program, which actually rewards users for being loyal customers of a given business, and as of yesterday, we have what appears to be the first business to offer such tiered rewards. Neiman Marcus has teamed with SCVNGR and is giving users who complete a certain number challenges a makeover from “le Metier de Beaute” at the first level, a “special gift” from its customer service counter at the second level, and a chance to win a $2500 shopping spree at the third level… [Mashable]

Apparently the first Asian country to see a Foursquare badge is Singapore, which saw two new badges released yesterday. Users in Singapore can get either the “Superstyle” or “SuperConnected” badges by following Singapore’s version of Project Runway, SupermodelMe, on Foursquare and check in at venues where it has left tips… [Jaunted]

In case you used to watch your leaderboard on Foursquare to see who has the most points for check-ins out of you and your “friends,” you might have noticed a recent change – points are now calculated for the previous seven days, down to the second, so points drop off if they were earned more than seven days before your check in… [About Foursquare]

Finally, while Groupon is clearly not what you’d call a location-based service, it did just announce a new feature that does have location-based relevance. Apparently Groupon will be offering its users the ability to take advantage of local deals being offered nearby by clicking on buttons labeled “I’m Hungry” or “I’m Bored” in its mobile app… [Business Insider]

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Location, Location, Location – December 15, 2010

A few months back, American Express released a location-based app…following in its footsteps, Visa has now done the same. The new Visa app can help users find and take advantage of customized deals, and also helps guide them to retail locations where users can redeem those deal offers [Mashable]

Elsewhere in the innovative local deal arena – Wishpond is a company that now offers website owners embeddable widgets that will help users search and find local deal offers based on location… [Mashable]

Groupon and Foursquare are both location-focused start-ups that have spurned lucrative acquisition offers recently in favor of staying independent…but maybe it’s time the two look to each other to build a powerhouse location-focused alliance… [All Things D]

With all of the talk about Foursquare features – both those currently in place and those that are reportedly forthcoming – there is a simple feature that had been missing for users for a while now – the ability to add a venue description and website to a venue page. Well, it’s not missing anymore… [About Foursquare]

And while we’re on the subject of Foursquare – in case you didn’t believe it when it has repeatedly said it’s working on a recommendation engine, the fact that it’s currently looking for a “data scientist” who has “experience with prediction or recommender systems, search and ranking algorithms, and classification algorithms” oughta make the prospect seem more legit [MediaPost]

Oh, and if you’re wondering which companies/apps are currently developing recommendation engines, here’s a round-up of companies/apps and what they offer or plan to offer in that way… [GigaOm]

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