Location, Location, Location – September 24, 2010

Given that it’s been the “darling” of the tech space basically all year (one of them, anyway), it’s not surprising to see a lot of companies you might not expect getting into location-based services. The latest seems to be Verizon, whose investment arm just threw $7 million at location-based startup, Geodelic [Mashable]

“3 Location-Based Campaigns That Aren’t Terrible,” including the new Australian Coke Fairy campaign, Weight Watchers’ “Lose-a-Palooza,” and McDonald’s/Visa’s “Easy Badges” [ClickZ]

Looks like Foursquare is now in bed with CNN on a new Healthy Eating badge – follow CNN on Foursquare, check-in at a local farmer’s market and this new badge can be yours! [About Foursquare]

And that’s not all in the way of “healthy” Foursquare partnerships – the location-based service has also partnered with RunKeeper to offer RunKeeper users badges based on fitness achievements – so no check-ins necessary [FitSugar]

Elsewhere in the world of Foursquare – CEO Dennis Crowley has hinted a number of times that the future for Foursquare is recommendations – taking its service beyond just the check-in and adding more value for users. Well, to that end Foursquare is currently testing a “recommendations engine” in its NY office – which tries to recommend places for its employees to eat lunch based on what is popular around them, what’s on their “to-do” lists, and filters out places they have been recently [About Foursquare]

While some state agencies (mostly tourism) have started to use Foursquare (PA comes to mind) to promote travel into and within their states, the state of Arkansas’ Parks and Recreation department has started to use Gowalla. It has initially created five “trips” including “Haunted Arkansas,” “Historic Arkansas,” “Arkansas Float Trip,” “Billgrimmage” (presumably involving the inimitable former President, Bill Clinton), and “Arkansas Traveler” [Press Release]

SVNGR has rolled out an “app” for businesses to integrate their SCVNGR campaigns into their Facebook Places pages [ClickZ]

And elsewhere in empowering businesses to harness the power of location-based services, “Bizness Apps” launched a new feature that allows businesses to “create their own GPS check-in coupons within their very own iPhone app.” [Press Release]

Finally, if you’re a developer, you’ll be interested to know that Placecast has created an “all things location-based’ data funnel” called Local Box, which “allows carriers, handset manufacturers, and app developer communities to add location-based information from any source into a mobile operating system or software development kit (SDK) at scale.” Sorry, still not exactly sure what that means, myself… [TechCrunch]

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Location, Location, Location – June 29, 2010

Gowalla‘s Top 10 check-in locations…and Times Square was the only NYC “venue” to make the list (barely, at #9!) [Mashable]

New location-based service of the day = Geodelic (which claims to eliminate the need for searching keywords and changing between apps…whatever that means) [paidcontent.org]

Yelp to begin providing check-ins as part of the metrics it reports to businesses [Mashable]

“5 Cool Non-Profit Uses for Location Technology”…how else did you want me to put that out there? [Mashable]

Foursquare, flush with funds again! Sidenote – hard to believe Foursquare was still only a 5-man operation as of this past January! [WSJ]

Which segues nicely into this video tour of Foursquare’s offices [TechCrunch]

The “dark side” of location-tracking services [PC World]

Could Twitter Places really take geolocation to the mainstream? [Mashable]

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