Location, Location, Location – December 1, 2010

Geotoko is a new tool for businesses, which I believe we’ve mentioned before, that allows businesses to manage their presences and offers on the various location-based platforms, and provides analytics regarding the success of such offers. Kind of like a Hoot Suite for location-based services…sort of… [TheNextWeb]

And speaking of offering location-based deals, the Checker’s/Rally’s chain is offering Foursquare users a free small milkshake with every third check-in at one of its locations, and one for each check-in if you happen to be the mayor of one of its locations [About Foursquare]

Here’s a fantastic way to integrate Foursquare’s semi-recently introduced “Add to Foursquare” button – Gap (which has been all about Foursquare for some time now) is now running online ads with the button that, when clicked, adds Gap to your Foursquare to-dos and unlocks a 30% discount on one item offer [Mashable]

Two new Foursquare badges for you…well, one not really new, but re-introduced, anyway – the Hangover badge, and the “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore badge.” The former you can get by checking in somewhere late at “night” and checking in somewhere else early the next morning and the latter you can apparently get by [fittingly] checking in somewhere in Kansas, and then checking in somewhere not in Kansas [About Foursquare - Hangover, Kansas]

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