Privacy Net – July 29, 2010

“100 million Facebook users’ details published online”…ugh, here we go again [MSNBC]

Sounds like Mark Zuckerberg might as well just buy some property in our nation’s capital… [Washington Post]

The FTC’s thinking of instituting the internet equivalent of a do-not-call list [DMNews]

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security‘s Deputy Secretary has spoken – There will be rules! [CNET]

I almost feel bad for the FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. And not because he has one of the worlds least spellable last names…because all he wants is some clarity [Broadcasting and Cable]

And John Kerry jumps on board the effort to bring our nation’s privacy laws into 2010 [PC Mag]

Some guy in California is just NOW suing Google for its Street View chicanery? [Bloomberg]

Well, at least they’re off the hook in the UK [Guardian]

Elsewhere in litigious society (aka Virginia), a court has said some “privacy advocate” can post public figures’ social security numbers on the interwebz [Wired]

Oh, and if you’re curious to know if/when Google is “spying on” YOU, perhaps you should check out Google Alarm (probably best for users who mute their laptops and/or are deaf, though) [Mashable]

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