Location, Location, Location – March 1, 2011

This isn’t necessarily the typical type of location-based innovation we’d highlight here (although we did mention the guys who rigged a Brooklyn apartment door to open when users check into the apartment on Foursquare), but some industrial and creative individuals came up with the watch you see in the above video, which allows you to check in on either Facebook Places or Foursquare, as opposed to doing it on your phone…neat… [CrunchGear]

With the Oscars this past Sunday, Foursquare found the time ripe to produce another interesting infographic on 2010 movies, as checked into on Foursquare… [TechCrunch]

As location-based services have picked up more and more steam, we’ve seen the giants of the web/tech industry thoroughly intrigued by the movement, and as a result, Facebook has already invested in its own location-based offering, and Google is rumored to be doing the same. But the latest player rumored to be coming to the location-based table is none other than Apple… [Mashable]

Perhaps you’ve already discovered this if you’re way too into Foursquare, but apparently the service caps the number of brands and people you can follow at 1000… [About Foursquare]

And finally, for us AT&T users – the mobile provider just rolled out a new service called “ShopAlerts,” which similarly to the app ShopKick, sends you alerts (though these are SMS alerts) when you’re near establishments that have deals you can take advantage of… [Press Release]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – February 22, 2011

Last week, the majority of paywall news centered around the outrage/disdain publishers and even other types of app developers had for Apple’s new [mandatory] subscription billing model. One new app called Readability that’s feeling the same heat, despite not really being a publication or other type of subscription-based app, seems to suggest no app is safe from the new billing model… [TechCrunch]

But is this move towards a subscription-based billing model indicative of a larger trend toward the same end even outside of just the news industry? [paidcontent.org]

Many are eager to disparage paywalls as a viable vehicle for revenue generation, but according to Nielsen, News Corp.’s [UK] Times and News of the World saw double digit growth in audience in January… [New Media Age]

Meanwhile, here in America where the world waits for the New York Times’ upcoming paywall, apparently the model may be quite fruitful for the Times, and more importantly, its stock… [Forbes]

And while we’re covering the paywalls of the world, despite Google introducing its new OnePass last week, one German publisher is actually using Google Checkout to monetize its content… [paidcontent.org]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – February 18, 2011

Closing the books on a HUGE week for paywall news, here’s what we’ve got for you today…

First, streaming music services like Rhapsody and publishers aren’t the only ones scrutinizing the details of Apple’s new subscription payment model…apparently “federal anti-trust regulators” are also investigating the situation… [NY Times]

So, if 30%, which is the cut Apple currently takes from any digital subscriptions through iTunes, isn’t a fair share for them, what exactly IS? [paidcontent.org]

Either way, the fact that Apple feels it can throw down terms like that is somewhat of an indication that it “has already won”… [CNN]

Finally, on Wednesday we mentioned that a number of European interested parties were convening to discuss Apple’s subscription payment model…well, it happened, and here’s a report on the discussion output… [paidcontent.org]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – February 17, 2011

The big news today is that Apple isn’t the only company helping publications monetize their content this week – yesterday Google announced One Pass – it’s solution for publications to add a paywall to their own content… [TechCrunch]

But Google’s not without competition…there’s also Journalism Online’s “Press + Pay” paid content system, which has already helped many smaller publications monetize their content… [paidcontent.org]

And now that Google is offering publishers such a service, two more publications are going paid access – both Virginia’s Richmond Times-Dispatch and midwest newspaper chain Rust Communications getting in on the paywall action… [paidcontent.org]

Yesterday we mentioned that in the wake of Apple’s announcement regarding subscription billing for iPhone/iPad apps, the streaming music service Rhapsody was so dissatisfied with Apple’s terms, it was contemplating suing Apple…well, it’s certainly not alone in its outrage among its brethren… [paidcontent.org]

As far as publishers go, could their unrest/protest be due to the fact that they’re concerned about Apple increasing its cut of any subscription apps in the future? [TechCrunch]

It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned a local daily walling in its content, but apparently Alabama’s The Selma Times-Journal will be doing just that come March 1. Once the paywall goes up, users will have to pay either $4.95 a month or $48.95 a year for access… [Media Bistro]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – February 16, 2011

After its formal release yesterday, the verdict from app developers is in on Apple’s new subscription billing model (which involves Apple taking a 30% bite of each such app’s apple, pardon the pun)…and well, it ain’t exactly a ringing endorsement…subscription streaming music app, Rhapsody may even sue, apparently… [Mashable]

And that might not be a bad idea, considering a number of law professors apparently believe Apple may be violating antitrust laws by insisting that publishers sell subscriptions for their iPhone/iPad apps through the app store… [WSJ]

Even beyond that, a number of concerned European publishers will apparently be convening tomorrow morning to discuss how to respond to Apple’s new model, including potential alternative methods of delivery… [paidcontent.org]

Not surprisingly, the tech/web-focused publishers’ reactions to Apple’s new model haven’t exactly been all roses either… [Gizmodo]

Finally, just in case you’d like to learn all you can know about the new subscription model, paidcontent.org has put together a solid FAQ that should help… [paidcontent.org]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – February 15, 2011

Last week, Time Inc. said it would be offering its title Sports Illustrated via subscription for Android this spring. Well, joining them will apparently be Conde Nast and its two titles – The New Yorker and Wired… [paidcontent.org]

In terms of monetizing content, most of the discussion for publishers has been around the idea of the paywall. But, is the idea of an Adwall – requiring users to watch/view an ad in order to read/watch the content that follows it – maybe a better solution? [AdWeek]

Because we can’t get enough of The Daily news here – apparently there was a two-week free trial window that would’ve been shut down tomorrow, but which has now been extended to the end of the month…so check it out while you can! [MacRumors]

But as we mentioned when The Daily launched – Apple is planning to require publishers to adhere to its subscription billing model, and today’s the day that that model is launching… [TechCrunch]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – February 14, 2011

Because nothing says Valentine’s Day like paywall coverage…

First, some strong words from Sony on Apple and its current role in digital publishing – “Publishers are being held hostage,” and apparently Sony believes (and which may be true) publishers are looking for another way to effectively deliver paid content digitally without iTunes… [CrunchGear]

Second, here’s a good overview of where the publishing industry is with respect to paid content now, as well as some of the challenges it faces this year and beyond… [Editor and Publisher]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – February 9, 2011

Typically when we’ve talked about paywalls, the discussion has been limited to newspapers, magazines and other print publications with online counterparts. But a new WordPress plugin called Cleeng, which allows bloggers to charge micropayments for pieces of content, could bring a whole new type of “publication” into the paywall mix… [thinq]

Throughout the last week, following News Corp. and Apple’s The Daily announcement last week, we’ve mentioned that going forward, all publication apps will have to use Apple’s subscription billing model. Well, they’ll also have to offer users the option to subscribe using that billing model via iTunes, though if they want they can also offer subscriptions through their own websites… [TechCrunch]

According to the CEO of the St. Paul Pioneer Press’ parent company – which has instituted paywalls on its dailies in a number of smaller markets – he’s discouraged by the number of users who don’t go beyond the paywall, though he says the paywalled publications haven’t necessarily LOST traffic or anything… [MinnPost]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – February 7, 2011

When News Corp. announced its new iPad newspaper, The Daily last week, Apple also announced that by the end of March (I believe) all similar apps would have to take on the subscription model. Perhaps a by-product of that is this news that Last.fm’s mobile app will now also become subscription-based. Users can still listen to Last.fm for free on the web, but mobile users will have to have to pay from 2/15 on… [Last.fm blog]

One thing you can always count on the internet for is plenty of people with plenty of opinions. And just because an idea seems good to one person, clearly that doesn’t mean it should seem the same way to another. Well, apparently plenty of individuals have voiced their opinion over the last few days that they “don’t get” News Corp.’s new digital newspaper, The Daily…perhaps what might be more prudent is to realize what The Daily is and what it isn’t (yet, anyway)… [paidcontent.org]

And while we’re on the subject – perhaps you’re interested in watching TechCrunch editors mull their positive and negative impressions of The Daily… [TechCrunch]

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Just Another Brick in the Paywall – February 3, 2011

Well, like we’ve been talking about for months now, yesterday, News Corp.’s new exclusively digital newspaper, The Daily, finally launched, creating quite a media blitz. Here’s some of the initial reactions…

Apparently, it will be attempting to come up with 100 digital pages of content per day, and will cost just 14 cents a day (that’s 99 cents per week or $39.99 per year)… [paidcontent.org]

And actually, switching gears slightly, that pricing model will be the standard for all subscription apps in the app store, going forward… [TechCrunch]

But that’s not the only news for other subscription periodical apps – they will also all have to adhere to Apple’s pricing model by March 31…or something…? [Engadget]

And apparently, Apple is taking 30% of all subscription revenue, a portion which News Corp. head Rupert Murdoch hopes will shrink in the future… [paidcontent.org]

Here’s a first glimpse at how the publication actually looks and functions like in its natural habitat… [TechCrunch]

And here’s another… [paidcontent.org]

Again in the first impressions department – The Daily actually seems to lean on multimedia quite a bit, which makes sense if they’re trying to capitalize on the capabilities of the platform, but still, it might seem more like a magazine than a daily newspaper… [Mashable]

Finally, the other day we mentioned that Business Insider was conducting a quick survey on the New York Times’ upcoming paywall…well, the results are in… [Business Insider]

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