So, You May Have Heard About This iPad Thing…

Unless you’re completely disinterested in digital technology (and if that’s the case, it’s surprising that you’d be reading this post), have been in a coma for the last day and a half, or need to cut down on your conference call load, you’ve probably heard about Apple’s latest product announcement – the iPad.

It had been rumored to be dropping for a while. Frankly, I haven’t seen anything so hyped up since, well ok, the Google Nexus One. And then yesterday, the infamous Steve Jobs finally made it official.

So rather than devote time to anything else this afternoon, I’m going to venture to provide a number of links for you to relevant and noteworthy reactions round this here blogosphere. Feel free to peruse them at your leisure and let us know your initial thoughts on iPad in the comments!

David Pogue ~ “Overall, the iPad seems like a dream screen for reading and watching—at some loss of convenience in creating.” ~ Biggest user hurdles to overcome are how to hold it and how to type.

GigaOM ~ iPad to demolish the Kindle (my words, not his).

TechCrunch ~ The iPad’s initial audience will be iPhone and iPod touch users because of a familiarity with the interface, but in time, it’ll appeal to many, many more.

Walter Mossberg ~ “While all sorts of commentators were focusing on how much Apple’s new $499 iPad tablet computer looks like an oversized iPhone, the key to whether it can be the first multi-function tablet to win wide public acceptance probably lies in whether consumers perceive it as a suitable replacement for a laptop in key scenarios.”

Gizmodo ~ As concise of a summation of “everything you need to know” as you can get.

Engadget ~ …has left no stone unturned. Seriously, this is an intense amount of coverage.

And finally, be sure to watch Steve Jobs’ keynote from yesterday’s event, in which he gives you a pretty decent tour of the product and its features, as well as Apple’s video explanation.


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