Just Another Brick in the Paywall – March 14, 2011

Some in the news publishing industry (and obviously some stronger than others…News Corp, ahem) have been quick to highlight the tablet as the industry’s “savior.” But if the Guardian’s experience is any indication – apparently users only access its app for news about seven times a month on average, and mostly when they can’t find a printed copy of the paper – maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to agree… [paidcontent.org]

Well, the New York Times’ paywall is expected any day(week?) now, but while the Times hasn’t implemented that yet, it has added a feature that displays the number of articles you as a Times reader have consumed over the last month… [Reuters]

Finally, not strict paywall news, but certainly related/relevant – according to Pew, only about 10% of users who get local news through an app on their mobile phone pay to do so… [Pew Research]

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