Location, Location, Location – January 25, 2011

We already know about entertainment-based check-in services like GetGlue and Miso (which I feel like I’ve been mentioning just about every day lately), but here comes one specifically for films called Filmaster, which not only recommends movies to users based on their tastes, but has opened its API up to developers to integrate into/with other apps [TheNextWeb]

And like we noted yesterday, TV check-in services have been slow to catch on and interest may be waning, but not for Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley – Crowley told Mashable yesterday that he’s obsesssed with the idea of “social TV”…and also that Foursquare may be growing in leaps and bounds but it still has a “huge fight” ahead… [Mashable]

Speaking of Foursquare’s growth – we know that it recently hit 6 million users, adding a million in just 44 days, but until yesterday we didn’t know that it grew a whopping 3400% in 2010! [About Foursquare]

But while we highlighted an article yesterday from Bloomberg indicating that Foursquare may seek more funding in 2011, Crowley says he thinks his company is probably good to go financially for 2011 [Reuters]

Either way, publishers have not stopped flooding onto the location-based service (I’m still referring to Foursquare, just in case you weren’t sure), and book publishers are even now getting in on the game as Simon & Schuster has set up a Foursquare presence, offering tips at real world venues from S&S authors [Mediapost]

Finally, our lone non-Foursquare link today – Jet Blue is now offering Facebook users points for checking in at official Jet Blue airports using Facebook Places. Users can then redeem those points for free flights, once they’ve amassed at least 5,000 points (you only get 25 points per check-in, however, so that’s kind of a steep hill to climb) [Mashable]

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