Location, Location, Location – December 29, 2010

A month or two back, SCVNGR was making lots of buzz by offering new deals and partnering with big brands, but lately that buzz has tapered off. However, SCVNGR just announced it is partnering with American Eagle on a New Year’s promotion to help raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters – American Eagle and SCVNGR will each donate $5 to the organization for each user who completes a SCVNGR “challenge” this New Year’s [Mashable]

But that’s not all the partnership/promotion has going for it – how about a digital billboard in Times Square for ad support! [TechCrunch]

Did anyone ever doubt that there’d be a Foursquare badge for CES? Biggest consmer tech show of the year…I sincerely hope not…anyway, you can secure this bad boy by checking in to five of the show’s “venues” [About Foursquare]

I feel like I’ve seen a hundred of these types of “mashups” this year, but WhereDoYouGo is another service that creates a heat map of your Foursquare check-ins [Lifehacker]

And here’s another interview with Foursquare founder and tech media darling Dennis Crowley, wherein he discusses his relatively long history with location-based services and where location is headed (again) [GigaOm]

Among paidcontent.org’s predictions for 2011 is that location-based services and location-based group deals will converge… [paidcontent.org]

Finally, just in case you forgot, McAfee reminds you that Foursquare and other location-based services could (McAfee’s predicting – WILL) be exploited for criminal purposes [LA Times]

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