Just Another Brick in the Paywall – December 6, 2010

Georgia’s Augusta Chronicle became the latest daily to go paywall, when it did so this morning. It’s model is a little more flexible than most, however, and readers can get access to up to 100 “premium” articles before they have to subscribe… [Augusta Chronicle via paidcontent.org]

News Corp. says that while the Times‘ paywall revenue hasn’t quite met what it lost in ad revenue, it should do so soon. But News Corp.’s “digital chief” was very frank when he said the reason the Times will be able to complete it’s paywall transition is because News Corp. “can afford it”… [Bloomberg]

Meanwhile, while he wouldn’t confirm the steadfast iPad exclusive publication rumor (ie – The Daily), he said, “hypothetically speaking, it wouldn’t be this month. Q1 is the timeframe people should think about”…how coy… [Forbes]

And while the Times is paywalled, and the Guardian has at least reportedly been pondering going that way, the UK’s Daily Mail seems to be content and doing just fine with free access [NY Times]

Elsewhere in Europe, a number of French publishers are taking a slightly different paywall approach and creating a “digital kiosk” for subscribing/paying to consume content [NY Times]

Back in the States, as the NY Times is currently hammering out its own paywall plans, some have wondered whether certain sections will get a “reprieve,” particularly DealBook, it’s financial blog. The answer is – no idea… [Yahoo!]

And finally, Amazon, along with a startup Onlive, are planning to launch subscription streaming video services that would presumably compete with Netflix. But while this is newsworthy, let’s not make any comment on how/whether they will impact Netflix… [CrunchGear]

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