NYC Startup Profile – Buzzr

I spoke with Ed Sussman, CEO and Co-Founder of Buzzr. Buzzr is a NYC based developer and provider of a platform that enables websites to be built easily, effectively and efficiently on top of the Drupal platform. Ed gave me a test drive and I found it to be easy to use, quite cool and full of extremely helpful applications. My only quibble is that it is not (yet) being made available directly to consumers. At this point they’re making it available to developers and re-sellers. I understand the biz strategy, but would love to get my hands on it…. Ed?


  1. Drupaler says:

    You should apply for an alpha account on Drupal Gardens, Acquia’s offering – a Drupal 7 SaaS offering that will be publicly available (to consumers), free (to a certain usage level), and “cool, easy to use and full of helpful applications.” :-)

  2. Jacqueline Crouch says:

    A very cool application that will go extremely far seeing that the world of content is now focused on web content management delivery for all businesses and all industy verticals – best of luck with Buzzr.

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