Location, Location, Location – September 27, 2010

If you think Foursquare is doing big things with Universities, let me just tell you that SCVNGR has apparently recently partnered with its 350th University to offer students (and prospective students) “treks” that help them explore their campus [Mashable]

And as you’ll know if you read the Digital Breakfast with any regularity, SCVNGR has also gone after the NFL market pretty hard, but they may now have a competitor in Gowalla. Gowalla just announced 32 new stickers – one for each NFL team that fans/users can get just by checking in at their stadium of choice [TheNextWeb]

Elsewhere, in the world of Foursquare, attendees of the Blackberry Devcon conference going on this week in San Francisco can earn a new badge by checking in to four of seven venues where the conference’s events will be taking place (during specific time periods on specific days) [About Foursquare]

Facebook Places is now even more “international,” as Facebook recently rolled out the feature to our Canadian neighbors to the north… [AllFacebook]

And in case you’re interested to know some of the ways brands have been using Places for marketing – Nike recently gave out “Destroyer Burritos” (fake burritos with Nike jackets inside) at a Portland-based taco truck and a Silicon Valley mall recently offered consumers a 15% discount at its Betsy Johnson store and a chance to win Jonas Brothers tickets… [Inside Facebook]

Going beyond the check-in – how location-based services are changing the way we interact with brands and vice versa… [TechCrunch]

Foursquare gets another high profile member (beyond Snoop Dogg) – one of Google‘s most prominent faces (Marissa Mayer) apparently recently gave the location-based app a try [Business Insider]

Two of Brightkite’s founders have left the company to go start a new one that while currently wrapped in mystique, may be another location-based service of some kind called “Forkly” [TechCrunch]

Nokia officially rolled out its version of Foursquare for the Symbian OS that apparently accounts for 40% of all mobile phones worldwide… [About Foursquare]

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