Location, Location, Location – June 29, 2010

Gowalla‘s Top 10 check-in locations…and Times Square was the only NYC “venue” to make the list (barely, at #9!) [Mashable]

New location-based service of the day = Geodelic (which claims to eliminate the need for searching keywords and changing between apps…whatever that means) [paidcontent.org]

Yelp to begin providing check-ins as part of the metrics it reports to businesses [Mashable]

“5 Cool Non-Profit Uses for Location Technology”…how else did you want me to put that out there? [Mashable]

Foursquare, flush with funds again! Sidenote – hard to believe Foursquare was still only a 5-man operation as of this past January! [WSJ]

Which segues nicely into this video tour of Foursquare’s offices [TechCrunch]

The “dark side” of location-tracking services [PC World]

Could Twitter Places really take geolocation to the mainstream? [Mashable]

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