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Mobile Brief – October 11, 2011

The iPhone 4S. When announced a long deep reverberating sigh was released by disappointed Apple fans across the web.  After all it only seems to offer a better camera, voice control functionality that you probably won’t use much, and pick up in battery life. Big woop right? Hold the Phone! The iPhone 4S may not be as big a disappoint as some of you disgruntled  fans might think.  As we now know, that “S” stands for Speed and it seems that Apple has delivered on that promise. Benchmark tests done by bloggers, have shown that the only mobile device that the iPhone 4S loses to in speed is the Ipad 2, and trust me that’s saying something.


What’s next for Google’s Android handsets? Ice Cream Sandwich! No, not the delicious frozen treat my friends but the newly designed phone OS Google is hoping will bring the wonder of an android tablet to your mobile phone. Screens of its digital creamy  goodness have been leaked to TC and according to them , the Vanilla inspired OS is “tron-tastic.” The proof is in the pudding (so to speak).


With the release of the refreshing WP7 and screens of a promising new take on the desktop/tablet OS (Windows 8), Microsoft has been taking steady strides in remaining competitive within the tech industry. So this next step should come as no surprise, Microsoft has taken big strides in its plans to enter the daily deals market. Partnering with the “white-label group buying platform service provider” Tippr, Microsoft is apparently testing the service right now as the next addition to its Bing decision engine.

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Let the Games Begin….

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While all of the major Geoloco players like 4Square, Gowalla, Yelp, etc. have said that they see opportunities and will all play nice, things are getting real interesting with Facebook‘s Places announcement. Google is next as it begins to add geloco tools to its many functions. It will be to see what develops over the coming months. Clearly there won’t be room for all the platforms now out there. The current situation is reminiscent of what happened with the emergence of multiple video platforms a few years back. Except this time the stakes are much, much higher. While video platforms are still figuring out how to monetize, there are numerous commercial opportunities connected to Geolocation. Let the games begin.

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Demand Media Is Afraid That Google is Going to Compete With It

Is Demand Media, the publisher of content based on consumer demand, concerned that Google could steal it’s mojo? In the risk section of its IPO filing Demand listed as a risk the possibility that Google could use its powers for evil. Evil, that is, if you’re Demand Media. Google has the algorithm that can determine the popularity of topics and Demand depends on Google’s click words advertising for a significant portion of its income… On the other hand, risk sections are intended to spell out every possible eventuality, likely or not.

Demand Media Is Afraid That Google is Going to Compete With It.

Facebook on ‘Lockdown’ as it Prepares for War with Google

Facebook engineers are said to be in “lockdown” mode, updates and improvements all around, as Google prepares for the debut of its social media vehicle Google Me. Google has yet to crack the social media nut in the U.S. Is that ready to change?

Facebook on ‘lockdown’ as it prepares for war with Google | VentureBeat.

Zynga: How an Army of Junkies and Kids Enriches Tech Titans

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And now for an alternative view of Zynga, the company that is sealing a deal with Google. Social gaming, virtual economies are snowballing. And what happened to Second Life in all of this? Is it too immersive to attract the masses?

How an Army of Junkies and Kids Enriches Tech Titans.

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Google and Verizon Near Deal on Selling Internet Priority

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Google and Verizon are in talks, and may be near agreement, on “paid prioritization.” That is, giving certain content providers access to faster delivery speeds in return for fees paid to Internet service providers. The fees would be paid by companies like YouTube, which move large quantities of data, and would most likely be passed along, ultimately, to Internet users. An agreement would be contrary to the concept of “net neutrality,” the guiding tenet of Internet policy, up to now, which does not allow for favoritism of one form of content over another. The recents developments were made possible only by a recent court decision that determined that the FCC does not have the power to regulate Internet Service.

Google and Verizon in Talks on Selling Internet Priority –

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Say Hello, Wave Goodbye to Google Wave…

Alas, Google Wave, we hardly knew ye. And it wasn’t for a lack of trying. Anyone who toyed with Google Wave can tell you that while it seemed like a really powerful collaboration/communication medium, it had quite a learning curve. Not necessarily that it was hard to grasp, but that despite Google’s efforts to instruct users on how to properly go about using Wave, people just didn’t quite get it. Maybe it was ahead of its time. Maybe it was just overload for your average user. Whatever the case, Google has now nixed Wave citing a lack of user adoption. It will support Wave until the end of the year, at which time it will kill the product and recycle the code for undoubtedly bigger and better things. And so, Google Wave, we bid you adieu…

Update on Google Wave – Google Blog

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Video: Monetization of Content

In this excerpt from Gotham Media’s Copyright and Technology 2010 Conference, a panel of video and techs experts talk about how premium media can be monetized on various platforms. Viewership will increase as quality and ease of access increase.

* Florian Pestoni: Principal Product Manager, Adobe
* Joe Inzerillo: SVP Technology,
* Emil Rensing: Chief Digital Officer, EpixHD
* Shalini Govil-Pai: Group Manager, Partner Technologies and Strategy, YouTube & TV, Google
* Jan Steenkamp: VP Americas, Irdeto

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German Officials Latest to Challenge Facebook

The German challenge to Facebook is based on information that the company holds regarding people who are not registered as users. This investigation comes on the heels of Germany’s investigation of Google’s information gathering for its Street View service.

German officials latest to challenge Facebook | The Social – CNET News.

Digital Breakfast – Business of Facebook #1

Gotham Media’s Digital Breakfast on “The Business of Facebook” featured experts from the worlds of media, law, advertising and social media to discuss the future and future plans of Facebook. Business plans, competitors, geolocation, Mark Zuckerberg and, in the words of moderator Jerry Spiegel, “the big meatball in the room – privacy” were among the issues discussed.

The Panel

David Berkowitz Senior Director, Emerging Media & Innovation, 360i

Adam Elend Partner, Bright Red Pixels, Co-Creator, WallStrip

David Kirkpatrick Author, The Facebook Effect

Ian Spalter Executive Creative Director, R/GA

Jerry Spiegel Partner, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC

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